Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My scrap space

I got asked about my scrap space and how I store everything in such a little space, so I thought I would take some photos and share.

This first photo is my scrap desk and computer desk, the door right there on the left and on the other side of my chair is my DH's computer area, so I work in a pretty tight space.

This is on the other side of the door, a set of cupboards I use for stacking all sorts.

My computer desk has things all around it as well, my crate of felt on top, and underneath are all my papers in WIP folders my cardstock to the right under the printer in a slotted box my boys made me. The folders under my desk hold templates and stickers and alphas and rubons.

The bottom of my white shelves holds albums, flowers and chipboard(not alphas) in plastic crates, and my paints in a wooden box my son made.

The top of the white shelves has all my chipboard alphas, material and assorted school supplies.

Beside my desk is all my A4 papers in a wooden rack i got from a closing down lss. On top of my desk are all my pens, pencils, water colours, paintbrushes etc. The drawers on the right have chalks and oil pastels and small embellishments. My 3 desk drawers are also full of punches, adhesives, and tools. Under my desk are two boxes full of OTP waiting to be made into something. I have a small rubbish bin and a little box that i put things (that I cant be bothered putting away lol)

The shelves on top of my desk have everything else, from the top left down are.. beads and sequins containers with 26 compartments for diecut alphas, ribbons, fibres, buttons, boxes on top have decorative scissors and the drawers have assorted large embellishments. 2nd shelf is frames and tags all my stamp pads then the containers on the right have all my other embellishments.
The last shelf has an assortement of papers, envelopes, notepaper and adhesives im using currently.
Under the table between my dh and i is a huge tub full of all my stamps.

So thats my space, tiny and crammed as it is, its all mine and I dont have to pack anything away if we eat of have visitors. Id love something bigger, but this will do for now!

The boys started back to school yesterday, Jay on his own at primary school and liking his teacher so all is good. Dan went of for his first day of high school and can home ready to go back so that went well too. Josh, well it was just another day for him lol.

Still have John at home till the end of the week so normality isnt quite restored.



  1. Your space is so organised and clean!!!
    Even though it looks like a small space it looks bigger because it is so organised and you use the space so effectively! It looks great!
    Glad the boys had a good day at school!

  2. WOW...I so wish I had a paper have a heap of stuff there Lisa

  3. Wow Lisa.. that looks great for such a small space! Everything is so neatly tucked away, and you know where to find it, that's so important! Love to see it like this!!
    And that paper rack....that's my dream!

  4. I love peeking into other's rooms, tfs, lots of ideas to consider!!