Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A long long day

So my day started at 6am when John woke me to get up and take him to the hospital. Dropped him of then came back home and sat in the quietness for nearly 2 hours before the boys woke up!
Then spent the morning drinking lots of coffee and trying to stay awake - 5 hours sleep is so not enough.
He went into surgery at 8am and they kept him in recovery for a very long time , it was a bit worrying (until i found out they were waiting for a bed to become free). We went in to see him in the afternoon and he was still very groggy and very very sore. Not long after we got home I got a phone call from him to say that I could go back in and pick him up any time after 7pm, they were letting him home!
He is now much happier to recover at home.

Still no order, we are assuming its lost forever and another order is being sent to me...really not happy with the level of customer service I got and will be thinking really hard before I order from there again.

So to fill in time and take my mind of things I went shopping today. I managed to pick up this gorgeous little handbag for $6 I love it!!

A couple of more layouts, both for challenges at Mystical.

Now quite often in my house these little things (sometimes big) will happen that no one knows anything about! Its a standard saying around here that 'the gremlins did it' :D
Well Sunday I got given 4 of these...
We now have a little family of gremlins lol
They are so cute.



  1. glad to hear it went well - wishes for a speedy recovery !!!

    i hope the store isn't "our" store ????

  2. Love the hand bag.

    So happy the surgery is done. Hoping for a quick recovery too.

  3. Lisa,

    Hoping John has a quick recovery from his OP. I agree that Qld. Hopsital waiting lists stink.

    Good luck with your order.

    Take Care,
    Shelley Turner.

  4. I hope your DH recovers soon at home, best of luck from here!!

    Love the layouts......sorry to hear about your order, not nice.... I hope it's coming to you soon!!

    Oh,I love the Gremlins.... now you can blame them:-)

  5. I want to wish your DH a speedy recovery. Sorry you all had to wait so long, surgery is stressful without the constant delaying.

    Your bag and gremlin family is so cute.

  6. Cool bag! Hope hubby is soon on the mend.
    Great layouts love the Growing Beauty such sweet colours.

  7. Good luck with all...
    Great Lo's