Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The final week

Last Thursday night Daniel Graduated from Year 7 (primary school in Qld) So proud of him, he looked so grown up. I was proud of me too, I didnt cry!
Here he is with his principal just after he was given his certificate.

Sunday night our christmas tree went up, we have this system where John and Josh put the lights on the tree, then Jay and Dan put all the decorations on (Josh does help sometimes), John andI put the special 'breakable' ones on then I put the Angel on top of the tree. My job whilst the boys decorate is to take photos.
Just a couple of the photos I got...

He really is nearly as tall as the tree!!

Gotta love those elf hats!

The finished tree. The lighting wasnt that great so not a good photo.

Monday morning I woke up with what I thought was just a cold, its turned into a chest and throat infection. Yay just what I wanted this close to christmas...NOT!
The boys have been great though, helping around the house and with looking after the baby.

Update on Katelyn...she is home and doing much better!


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