Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Someone Special

Deck of Me - Week 39

This week's challenge is: someone spesh! (special that is)
pick someone special in your life (past, present...or even future!) and base your card on them :)

How hard is it to just pick one person that is special to you. Each and every person that I am close to are special in their own way.

I decided that rather than go with family for this prompt that I would go with a person that I met through scrapbooking, ( kinda ties in with the whole art jounral theme).
This woman i first met awhile back (seems like years and years) through a lss. We soon became good friends. She helped me with all aspects of scrapbooking, broaden my mind introduced me to new things, but most of all, she made me realise that I scrapbook for me and my family and that we are the ones that need to like what I do. That I dont need to fit in with a particular theme or trend that I can just be me.
I have found my creative freedom through this wonderful woman!
Aside from all the creativeness She has been a wonderful friend and we have spent many hours, shopping, chatting and creating together.
Donna, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and am so greatful that I met you. You really are special to me.



  1. Lovely card about your best friend

  2. Great card.....friends can be so many ways!!!

  3. That is beautiful Lisa, Im sure she knows how special she is to you and you to her.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to a special friend.

  5. That's a lovely card! And I definitely agree that scrapbooking is about our own creative freedom :D p.s. I had a look at some of your earlier posts and absolutely LOVE your 6 x 12 layouts!!! Gonna have to try that size!

  6. Beautiful card Lis. Special friends deserve the limelight they really do. Mine was shocked when I took her the card to see.

  7. Love your card - very special :)

  8. Great card! So good to have a special friend!!

  9. such a beautiful card!!!

  10. OMG...Lisa....WOW! That just made me feel really special!!!!

    Oh....IF....I was able to point you in the direction of loving your own creativity (big IF) then that is just so awesome!!!

    I love our friendship and I agree....feels like much longer! We have a great understanding of one another in such a short period of's really cool!