Tuesday, September 25, 2007


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Day 25

Wow, what a whirlwind couple of days...
Sunday night John and I talked about changing the loungeroom around, putting the tv unit facing away from the window, stop the glare.
So Monday morning (well mid morning) we set to it, while we were at it we thought we may as well clean the walls too (ugh now who's bright idea was this)..and of course the dining room and hallway had to be done then. So we did it all and it looked great!! Lots more room in the lounge, so much more open.

My friend Cassie had a little baby boy at 9am Monday morning by C Section. I went in to see her Monday night, Jayce is doing really well and he is a Big baby, mum was still very sore and a little nauseas.
Congrats to Cassie and Wade on a gorgeous boy!
Here is one of the photos that I got of Jayce.

We made a deal with the boys that if they helped us do more cleaning today (when you start you have to keep going so it all looks clean lol) that Wednesday we would take them to mini golf.
So this morning im sitting having my first coffee and Josh is saying come on mum, wheres the cleaner, lets get started (ugh let me at least finish one coffee).

Josh did the toilet, Dan did the bathroom, whilst i did the shower screen, then we all got stuck in and did the kitchen. Sore arms and filthy later we were done and it looks so much better. The boys put the kitchen back together while I had a shower then went shopping!

I made it all the way to Salisbury without getting lost, why go there? Well thats where Cyberscraps is! I got to meat Cath, the owner, she is lovely as well as get some yummy papers.

Now most of you who read my blog know that I really dont like cooking, so to arrive home from a shopping spree to be told that I dont have to cook is just icing on the cake!!
Josh (with John's help) brought, prepared and cooked dinner for us all tonight!! it was a bbq with steak, sausages, salad and mushrooms..but wait theres more....for desert they got a huge tub of strawberries!! Josh even got me (out of the fridge - he didnt buy it) a cruiser!!
Love you matie!!
This is the table set up outside.

Just to finish I have been creative as well, these are a couple I did a few days ago but just havent got around to posting yet.

Art journal for KSK, we were challenged to use dyes from plant or food products as well as explore our individuality.
After using napkins and decoupage paste i coloured the background with jelly crystals mixed with glue and vegemite! Lots of fun and smelt alot different lol.

This one is my page for One Little Word, the word this time around is Perfect.

Such a long post, I must blog more often I think, off to min golf tomorrow, so hopefully back tomorrow night with lots of photos.



  1. What a good thing, to go shopping after all that cleaning!! Did you buy something nice and yummie???

    Love your layout... even the not so perfect moment need to be scrapped:-)

  2. Love your take on the word "perfect"
    Awesome layout! Great picture too!
    one little word

  3. WOW!! Can you send them down to my house??I will feed them!!!!

  4. Lucky you come home to a fully cooked meal.

    Jayce is beautiful, that is a lovely photo.

    Gorgoeus creations, I love the way you used the vegemite and jelly crystals.

  5. Fab layout & love the little art card. Gorgeous background on it.

  6. Nice LO! Like it :)

  7. Love your art journal entry Lisa, you are one clever little vegemite!!!:)

    Congrats also to your friends on the safe arrival of their Baby Boy.