Monday, September 10, 2007

A week gone by...

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Day 10


Yes i've been a bad blogger again, its been 5 days since my last post.
Its not that I haven't had things to post about, more about having the time to post. I thought that once football season was over that I would have more time to do things, how wrong was I. It seems that the boys have decided that since we spent all that time with them at football, that we should still spend that time doing things with them and for them
Now whilst I love spending time with the boys and don't begrudge them this time at all, it would be nice to have a little more time for me lol.
Josh started with a personal trainer last week, this will go for a few weeks to get him on the right track as to what and how he should be doing things, then he will move into either a circut class or abs & toning.
This last week he came in contact with a friend from his year 1 class in Tassie. they have been emailing back and forth and using my msn (till dad sorts out his computer) to chat.
Daniel had his birthday, which somehow seemed to stretch out for days , and isn't over yet as his party is comming up this weekend. He made a few new friends at school, who live close by, they are all into bikes and skateboards and seem to have heaps of fun (mum just cleans up the scrapes).
Jay has gone back to wanting to be around someone all the time and not be by himself, which is great most of the time. The boys don't mind him hanging out with them and their friends but he doesn't always want to do this. he is unlucky that there are not alot of kids his age in our street.

Our futsal season is now over, it didn't end the way we would of expected but you get that. We have decided that next season we wont be returning due to some new rules set in place by the organisers and lack of players able to get to games.
So now I have to find some other form of exercise to keep me fit. Netball is of course my first option, whether i play womens or mixed I haven't yet decided.

I did manage during the week to get a little scrapping done in between the few jobs i have taken on and spending time with the family.

This one is for the monthly sketch done by Kim Allard over at KSK. Kim with the help of Kathryn now has a blog set up with all her sketches. Go check it out there are some awesome sketches!

This layout is for the Aussie scrapjacked challenge, to lift one of Ngaire Bartlams layouts. this was so much fun to do, Love Ngaires work!

Saturday we spent all day at the football club, not for games involving our boys, but the club hosted under 12 preliminary finals. John spent all day ground side taking care of the first aid needs of all the kids and I spent all day in the canteen. Man it was so busy, we were flat out from 8.30am till 4pm. Jayden was amazing, I was so proud of him (Josh and Dan were at mates places) he was such a great help all day, he bagged lollies and stocked the fridge for us whenever it needed it as well as doing odd jobs for whoever asked him.

Yesterday we promised Dan that we would take him shopping to spend his birthday money. Now normally we do this as a one on one thing, leaving the other boys at home with the other parent. Well I started to panic when John said we should all go as he needed to get things and Josh also had money (payback from us for buying a new PS2 with his birthday money back in April) to spend. All 3 boys at the shops together....yeah you understand dont you lol...pure hell...
Well it was ok! After Dan had his ear pierced - he was so brave - (i forgot to take my camera) we split up, John taking Dan to go buy bike stuff, and I took Josh and Jay with me. Aprat from one issue with Jayden the day went great!
Josh was so cute trying to pick out an earring for himself he has learnt really well how to budget and pick a good bargain!
We picked out gifts for the football coaches and then met up with John and Dan to gohome, all in all a good experience.

The rest of the day was spent playing new PS games and watching a dvd before getting dinner and doing the normal nightly rituals.

Today I am catching up on everything and hoping to get some scrapping done this afternoon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend



  1. Gorgeous pages, I love the colours on them both. Glad you managed to squeeze in a bit of scrapping in your hectic life.
    Em's new deck of me wk 36 should suit you perfectly, Life is Beautiful.

  2. Love the pages! I think that it is good that the boys still want to spend time with you! Enjoy it!

  3. You have been busy! Love the layouts. :)

  4. Wow - sounds like youve crammed a lot into the last few days!! I hear you about thinking you'll have more time to yourself after the winter sports season!!! Great pages too.

  5. Beautiful pages Lisa, I hope things settle down and you get some ME time.

  6. Anonymous4:16 pm

    omg you went shopping with 3 bouys - you are amd woman do you hear me mad!!!!!!roflipmp