Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday treats

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Day 28

Daily blogging seems to have turned into every second day lol but thats ok im good with that.
Yesterday I raced around getting fathers day presents and post packs and making cards to get the packages sent down to Tassie in time for this Sunday. Why does this day always seem to creep up on me so quickly. Every year I plan on being organised, but never am.
Still have to get John something yet..have to get the boys to put their thinking caps on (ask dad what he wants).
Have done a little scrapping over the last couple of days nothing huge just a couple of things.

This one for the Get real challenge over at Cyberscraps, 'scrap your wheels'. My wheels are not flash or new but they get me where I need to go (as long as its not to far away lol)

Funny ha ha is the prompt this week for the Deck of Me art journal cards. What makes you laugh.
Lots of things make me laugh, too many to list, but always without doubt one of the 4 awesome males I live with (dh and sons) manage to have me laughing on a regular basis.

If your wandering around the big wide web with nothing to do or looking for somewhere to hang and meet some new people, head on over to Scraptastic Sout West. A new shop with forum and gallery that Taryn has started.Go on over say hi and wish her luck!



  1. Oooh love those layouts!
    Fathers day has snuck up so quickly!

  2. Like your LO, and the card is great!

  3. Great layout and card.

  4. I like how you used several pictures, I did too!

  5. Anonymous12:37 am

    Oh dear god, is it this sunday?! I forgot! busy organising my eldest son's birthday tea plans..oh man, now I'll have to try and sort something.
    Love the layout and the card by the way..after all that..the colours on your card are very refreshing.

  6. Really great card Liz & that layout is awesome!

  7. Miss you Lis! Hope you are doing well! New job is kickin my ass & as well as life but I am totally happy for once. =)

  8. That is an awesome little saying on the card! So great!

  9. Anonymous7:22 pm

    the card is great lis - ready to break in Ikea?????

  10. Love you card and how you put the pictures in circles. Great design!!

  11. Great card! And your layout is beautiful too!!!

  12. Love your card - those photos are great :)