Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday stuff

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Day 14

Fairly easy day today with just the one game of football, another one tomorrow. Spent the afternoon doing as little as possible, had no inclination to do anything creative and still havent tonight.
Got the layouts from last night scanned though, this one is for the creative text challenge at KSK.

This one is for Sketches Aussie style, my version of the sketch by Kate Mason.



  1. Hey Lis! What have you found to be the best with sticking buttons on? Mine never stay on long.

  2. Hey I love these pages. The 2nd one is so cute.

  3. I love those 2 layouts. The Creative Text layout is awesome. What a fantastic idea.

  4. Lis these are great layouts!

  5. YvonneM6:41 pm

    Great layouts - love the pink one :) I hear you about the no inclination to do anything creative - I'm in that space right now :(