Tuesday, July 03, 2007


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Day 3

I had all good intentions of having some layouts to share with you again tonight. My DOM card, and a couple of challenge layouts.
Today instead of scrapping I decided to be a good mummy and take the boys to the movies. Well take them up and let Josh sit with Jay and watch Shrek the 3rd, then sit and have coffee whilst they both spent some time at the game arcade!
I think Josh likes the fact that teenage girls find his little brother cute lol

Whilst the boys were in the movies I wandered around the shopping centre, on the spur of the moment decided to have my hair cut, a good 10cm came of!!
Now with my new style (which I love) of course it needed colour... so i found a gorgeous red that I loved and when we got home my girl Kylie made me a red head!!
It got the thumbs up from the boys!!
So thats why I dont have any layouts to share with you lol
I will however tomorrow have at least one, I am almost finished my first challenge layout for over at Scrap Your Scraps..



  1. So when do we get to see the new you??? I bet you look amazing.

    Its always wonderful to get your hair cut.

    Thats great that you had an afternoon with the boys.

  2. They say blondes have more fun but I think red heads are more sassy. While there was no scrapping done, it sounds like a good time was had by all.