Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rain, learn and life

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Day 6

All night really hard at times and all day today! Hope that it is filling up those dams!

My baby boy (he is 9 but still my baby) was home sick again today, he started getting a cold Sunday, this morning he was worse, probably could of gone to school, but it was raining and the effort to convince him to go wasnt in me.
Im glad I did keep him home, because by lunch time he was wheezing really bad, gave him some ventolin (he is asthmatic) and he slept for 2 hours. Hoping with some more ventolin tonight that it clears and we dont need another hospital trip.

Deck of me week 22, wow time has flown by. This week's prompt was what would you like to learn. I used a fabric sample and a little pocket and put what I want to learn inside. There are lots of things I want to learn, could fill and A4 pad lol, for this card I went with a few...
Understand HTML, crochet, photoshop, fix my car, and draw.

Daniel is so photogenic and unlike his brother he LOVES having his photo taken (maybe because he scraps too lol). This layout is my version of Michelle Perry's Sketch on Sketches Aussie Style.

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  1. Great idea to work with a pocket!!
    Specially when there is a lot on your list ;-)

  2. Love the pocket on your card!

  3. cool card love the tag in the pocket

  4. The pocket looks great!!!!

  5. Great Lo!!
    and the pocket card is super too.


  6. Nice card, like the pocket!!

  7. i love the pocket! cute idea :-) patty

  8. The pocket looks fantastic Lis.
    I love the curl on your layout as well.

    I was wondering if I could be added to the June Journeys bloglist.

  9. Great card!! I love how you've added a little pocket! very effective!!
    Xx Jess

  10. Great card, sweet envelope !...