Friday, June 15, 2007

Its Friday!!

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Day 15

So last night I get this email from my LSS
Now I couldnt not go could I? Just wouldnt be right *smirk*
So I went and brought (more than I should) yummy goodies at reduced prices, cant argue with that!
Had to change hubbys shoes I got him for his birthday, because even though I got the same size as what he is wearing now...of course they didnt fit...go figure!

This is a layout i started 2 days ago, had been sitting half done on my desk all this time, it is for Scrap the Scraps, the challenge from Liz was to use felt somehow.

Tonight Josh went of to youth and Dan and Jay had a school disco to go to. 2 hours at home with just me and hubby (who was busy fixing computers)...
Did I scrap ? Well, I got a photo and some paper out...then decided that all my craft patterns and templates needed sorting out, so I sat and did that while watching Friday night games - Yeah Jamie!

Tomorrow is football x 3 it better not be as cold as last week.
Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Lis this is a great layout!! Well done!

  2. Great colourful lo. I agree, how could you say no to a sale, it would be a crime, LOL. Have some playing with your new goodies. :)

  3. Eye catching LO. The felt looks great.

  4. do you visit the scrapbook princess by any chance, i know they had a great sale your layouts BTW, nice and colourful..