Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eye update

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Day 21

Update on Jayden...
Took him to the doctors this morning and he has what they call Angioedeema(sp?).
It is an inflammation of the tissue surrounding his eye and eyelid. It starts with an allergy. The school have been great and are going to keep him away from the area where it seems he is being affected. We have tablets for him to take and the doc assures me he should be fine in a few days. Luckily there is no damage to the eye!

So of course with doctors visit and Jay home all day, plus the normal Thursday errands to run, no scrapping got done today.
I had to buy some socks for myself, I only owned 2 pairs and its been so cold here lately, I needed some more. I got these really bright funky ones!
And no im not wearing odd socks lol I got 4 pairs for $10, so put them on to photograph lol



  1. Sorry to hear your boy is unwell. Hope the medication does it's job and he's on top of things really soon. Love those funky socks ... and they look toasty warm! That was a bargain :)

  2. Oh man I love those socks!!! Good to hear that Jayden is going to get better!

  3. I love the colours of those socks.
    Hope it warms up soon.

  4. Love the socks, they look nice and cosy. Hope Jayden's eyes improve quickly.

  5. You know you could wear those socks just like they are, that way you've always got a pair at home that look exactly the same.

    Glad that you have a few answers for your little boy and that your school has been supportive.

  6. So love the love the socks Lisa.

    Hope that Jayden's eye clear up soon.

  7. poor little poppet, i hope his eye gets better really soon.

    and those socks - AWESOME so cool!!!

    i want some :)

  8. Love the mix matched socks and the groovy colors :)

  9. Anonymous7:57 am

    love the socks - hope jaydens eye starts to get better soon...