Sunday, May 27, 2007


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Day 27

A few pics to share from today. I looked after a friends children this morning, the girls are just so gorgeous and bubbly. They were just great to look after and all of them get on well with my boys.
This is Kaleisha, such a gorgeous little girl and loved posing for me.

Katelyn wasnt as keen, but ya know it was only 8am.

This is my favourite, it was so obvious today that they both adore each other.

This one I just had to take, thought it was so cute! Maybe Jay will grow up to be a hairdresser lol

Jay found a great spot to hide during hide and seek, even if mum did freak and make him get down!

No sooner had the Kyle and the girls been picked up and we had to leave for Josh's football game. Although they didnt win, Josh played so well, some great marks, tackles and kicks!

Home and a coffee and laze on the couch was the order for the rest of the day, I was spoilt too, Josh asked if he could cook dinner. Would of been bad of me to say no right ? He cooked us a great meal of garlic and mint sausages, baked potatoes and beans, was so proud of him!

Been a long day, time for some much needed sleep.


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