Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

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Day 13


These 3 ladies have had such an impact on my life, they have taught me so much, guided me, helped me and scolded me. I love all of them dearly.
Whilst only one of them is alive today to be spoilt all 3 of them are loved and remebered.

I have had a beautiful day so far, the boys and hubby have been absolutely wonderful.

In other news...
We had some major problems with computers this week, having to completely shut down and do some maintenance. Thus me not being around since Wednesday..
I thought not having net access would be a real pain, but I didnt really miss it that much. I got quite alot of scrapping done and even started knitting a blanket for a friend having a baby soon.

Will have some layouts to share tomorrow hopefully as soon as we get software reloaded.

Hope all of you have a fantastic Mothers Day :)


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