Thursday, May 31, 2007

Months end..

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Day 31

I need to write myself a memo about grocery shopping - make sure you bring ALL the bags home with you...
I left a bag at the shops today, not so bad you say, just ring them take yr receipt in all fixed...
Yep, easy fixed NOT...i didnt realise that the bag was missing (boys put the groceries away) until 8.30 tonight, receipt had already gone out into the rubbish and been collected by the big bad truck :(
So after ringing the store, I have to go up and go through their videos of yesterday to see what happened to the bag..sigh....

The rest of the day however was alright, I finished of Nica's bday present and got these layouts scanned and uploaded.

This one is for the VC challenge at Memories and More, were only allowed to use 2 photos, 2 CS, 2 PP, 2 buttons, and 2 ribbons.

This one for the Use your stash challenge at KSK. We were asked to only use what was on your desk. All leftovers from previous creations. Was fun to do and made me realise what you can do with just a little bit.

Tomorrow is the start of winter, which will hopefully bring us some rain in the right areas.
Got a few areas of my house that need sorting and re organising tomorrow, which I Hope to get all done before heading of for my niece's birthday dinner.


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