Thursday, May 03, 2007

Little by little

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Day 3

Little bits are a good start. The mojo is sort of returning, not as quick as I would like but hey its a start.

Round two of Scrapjacked and this time we got to lift Mardi. Not really happy with the outcome but oh well its done.

My art journal entry for KSK's challenge. Time, is also my word for the year, so was a little hard to come up with something different as I have already done a couple previously.

I just had to share this gorgeous card with you all. It was given to my hubby from all his work mates. It is made by Penny's sister and Is just so beautiful. Thank you CNW for your thoughts and kindness.

Last night we got a call from Launceston home health care, John's dad is in hospital (when it rains it pours). He is ok, had a little turn and has a lung infection and a high fever. John spoke to both him and his nurse and he is being well looked after and should be home in a couple of days.

Im pretty sure that she wont read this but I want to give a huge big congrats to Monique! She made the Qld futsal team as a goalie. You go girl, we are all so proud of you :)



  1. I LOVE your scrapjacked Lis, well done :) You were the first this month :)
    Thanks for entering :)

  2. Ohh WOW...thanks so much taking on the challenge...and I love your layout becuase it tells a story and the use of the circles is very cool too...and you have no idea how much fun it is to see my design scrapjacked...thankyou