Sunday, February 18, 2007

This and that

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Day 18

Today it rained and rained and rained. Yay! Hope those dams are filling.

Sorted chipboard alphas and embroidery cottons - need more thingys (generic word that fits anything I dont know the name of) to wrap cottons.

Shopping - swimming goggles and football headguard.

I cooked, I made small quiches for the boys lunches!!

I finished the cover for my deck of me cards (orignal pouch I made turned out to be not big enough) will upload picture of it tomorrow.

My big boy - Josh - finished his desk, got photos will also upload those tomorrow.

Made a paper dinosaur with Jay.

All in all a pretty productive day...

Till tomorrow


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  1. wow! sounds like you had a productive day! the quiches sound yummy... i'm not much of a chef so we get simple stuff around here!

    so far my brother's trip has been good (all 2 days of it!) he has two roomates that are native Australian, so he's hoping that he can get some good info from them! (he bought something yesterday to make his laptop internet compatible there, and has NO idea how much he spent.. lol.. )