Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Summers end...

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Day 28

I think someone has forgotten to tell Mr Weather man that today was the last day of summer, the heat doesnt even look like fading...

So last night I had my Wednesday all planned out almost to the minute... This morning however those plans went out the window. I had planned on being at school at 8.30 for my craft group. I had to decide, craft and be the great helper mum ( I do this every wed morning) or be a good home mummy and do my housework before heading of for an afternoon at the football club. Housework won *shock* yep believe it or not...
By 11am I was at the footy club for Josh's round robin school sports day, not that I got to see much football, being that it was at our club ground, canteen duties became my task for the next 3 hours.
Long hot day for Josh and the other boys in the hot sun, home and showers before the other boys got home from school. Then a quick unpack, get homework all done, think about something for dinner (thinking was as far as i got) before I was back in the car dropping Dan of at soccer training, home again for a short time then out again to take Josh to football training. A quick check in with committee for dates of next club day and Bushies tryouts then home again.
I did manage to get dinner started, before having to turn it of to go pick Dan up from soccer training. Headed home and John rang to say he was home and had put dinner back on, had a quick coffee with him whilst finishing of dinner, then he headed of to pick Josh up.
Then it was feeding, showers a rubdown for Josh as he was so tight and sore from so much footy today before all the boys were finally in bed..
Now i'm exhausted, not physically but mentally. Thank god that a day like today only happens once every 3 months when John has a staff meeting.
So no creativity to show today, couldnt quite fit that into my day lol
Did plan on trying to come up with a logo and name for our March bloggers, that didnt happen either.
Man ive rambled on tonight lol think its time for bed


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  1. If your summer's ending does this mean our winter should be over? Hah! Maybe someone should let Mother Nature know?! Love your cards for Emilys' challenge, very cool!
    Samm x