Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Colour my world

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Day 21

Craft group at school this morning, they loved the hug boxes! We made some lists of what we are going to make and supplies we will need. Love that I can use my creativeness to help out at school.

Been creating again...
An art journal page for a challenge at KSK the prompt was Colour. Really enjoying the freedom of the art journals.

Mr Attitude probably describes him better at the moment - this one for Use your stash challenge also at KSK.

Just to even things up a couple of layouts of my other two boys, first one is Dan, he is so photogenic, rarely do we get a bad photo of him.

This one is a few years old, Jay taken with my dad when they last came to visit.

I think lately my 'style' is changing - trying alot of different products and techniques, also dont seem to worry as much about the final outcome as long as I like what I see. I think doing hte art journals has give me the confidence and freedom so to speak to try more things in my layouts.

Ok that was deep...its over now lol

Im all done for tonight too, just squeezing this post in before midnight.


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