Sunday, February 11, 2007

Can you build it

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Day 11

I didnt blog yesterday, but i really didnt have anything to blog about so decided that rather than post alot of dribble i'd just miss one day...
We had a really quiet start to the weekend with both Josh and Daniel on sleepovers. Jay was lost, didnt know what to do without his brothers here.
We signed Jay up for Auskick, his first time playing AFL, he is so excited!!
Today Josh built a desk (with a little help from dad) he has helped dad build a new computer and needed somewhere to put it.
So proud of him, he did a great job of it, it just needs a paint now!

Have some more pictures of our weekend but will post them tomorrow.



  1. WOW! A desk! Now that is really awesome!
    Love & kisses!

  2. Not only do your boys cook but they build things!!! Cant wait to see it when it is painted!