Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Totally missed yesterday out, running around like a cut cat i was lol
So, my Big 40 day...
Got totally spoilt as i mentioned in last post, hubby and boys were amazing. Got taken out for dinner and got some beautiful gifts, spoke to all my family from Tassie, and just had the best relaxing day.
Thanks to L and C for the warm wishes, love you girls :) what a day, running around madly trying to get as much shopping as i can get done before the boys finish school on Friday. Gettin photos developed, index cards printed and photos enlarged as well as trying to find appropriate frames.
And how hard is it to buy for a 13 yr old boy who 'doesnt really want anything' *sigh*
Got home exhausted, warm one again, had to get a quick early dinner and have Dan and Jay up at school for their christmas carols night. Each class sang 2-3 carols, it was awesome!
First time ive been up at the school in awhile (not cool for mum to walk them anymore) i spent the first half hour hopping around catching up with people i havent seen in ages.
The boys sang great, bopping along to traditional and some not so traditional carols, was a great night.
I finally finished writing out all my christmas cards! YAY!! Today i plan on wrapping all the gifts that need to be sent interstate and getting them ready to post of (yes rather lateish i know).
Tonight we plan on puttin up the christmas tree, always a fun experience with dad erecting the tree and doing lights, boys decorating and mum finishing of with the Angel on the top of the tree.
Should have some photos tomorrow of th boys carols night and the tree going up.

Wow, how long is this post, I do ramble on dont I lol, till tomorrow..


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  1. glad you had a great birthday
    make sure you continue to celebrate all week - birthdays need to last longer than one day !!!!