Saturday, November 11, 2006

This week..

My son found out this week just how low and bitchy girls can be...
He had his heart broken when his girlfriend broke up with him :( i felt so bad for him, but really wanted to slap this girl. She didnt even tell him herself, she text msg'd a friend and got them to tell him. How low and nasty is that!
We gave him the whole 'fish in the sea' story, your only young, its going to happen lots more yet etc etc.. Im so proud of him, he went to school the next day and spoke to her, didnt get upset with her or cranky, just 'shes just a girl at school mum' attitude.
Had an arguement with a hospital pharmacy on the phone over medications for my youngest son, felt great satisfaction when by then end they admitted they were in the wrong and would fix the problem!! I love being right!!
The week ended with the two youngest boys going to a school disco, have photos will try and upload later. They had a great time, music (really loud lol) lights, smoke machine, and glow sticks. Apart from a little 'time out' from the flashing lights and smoke for Jay, a great time was had, they both came home tired.
My big boy (DH) got a new toy of sorts (a rack for his server) and has spent all day rearranging his workshop to accommodate it. Ive been wanting him to sort thru that place for ages, finally it happened. Pity the rubbish clean up was last weekend, cos now we have a new pile to get rid of lol.
Planning on making a start on christmas cards tonight, have left it so late this year. Tomorrow I want to try out some christmas shots with the boys ready to put on some cards. Ren babe you need to live close by, you would take awesome shots for me.
Enough of my ramblings for today, till next time *Muah*

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